Real People, Real Results

Watch how people just like you have taken the leap to make real change in their lives.



Confidence has skyrocketed and found her voice as a leader.

Hear how Amy used to feel insecure and never spoke up for herself and how she has seen her life change on every level. After working with me she has learned to truly value herself.


Overcame burnout and found self-love.

I was going through a major transition in my life, and I felt lost and burnt out. I’ve read books and done personal development independently, but having a coach like Lillian and a community to learn and grow with made all the difference.


Increased confidence and self-love.

Once I started working with Lillian my overall thinking started to shift. I lost 20 pounds, got a promotion and at the end of the year all of my wins were directly related to how much i love myself and how I am growing into my confidence.


Banished anxiety in 6 weeks.

Victoria was able to overcome her struggle with anxiety after she started in my Breakthrough program. Once she started taking care of herself, every area of her life improved: she got a bonus, she repaired her relationships with her parents and she is a better partner. 


From miscarriage to getting pregnant when told she could never get pregant.

Within a month of working with Lillian and the community I felt a positive shift in my mindset, my happiness and my relationships all began to improve. A new opportunity at work fell into my lap and a month later I found out I was pregnant when i was told that it wasn’t possible.


Improved marriage, found a dream job and lost 10 pounds by accident.

Drew landed his 2nd dream job, improved his marriage, and lost 10 pounds.


Getting unstuck and finally trusting her path.

Diana was feeling stuck and unhappy in her job. After joining the Breakthrough, she is now much more at peace because she is living her life with more intention.


Earned $100K in extra compensation by knowing her worth.

Suzie made $100K in bonuses and compensation at her existing job. She did this in 8 months without even looking for it.


Increased confidence and releasing mom guilt.

Mary has truly learned to love herself and she can see it ripple through every aspect of her life. Her husband and children can see how much happier she is and even her performance at work has been recognized as a result.


Found her dream job and tripled her income

Emma found her dream job at her dream agency and tripled her income in the process. She has also learned to love herself in a way that no longer requires validation from everyone else.


Left a difficult job and lives with more intention

Jessica was having a difficult time at her job and also found herself caring for her niece and nephew full time. After joining the Breakthrough she was able to confidently walk away from her job and started to be more intentional about taking care of herself. She is much happier and even started dating again but with a much healthier outlook.


Caring for her body with more intention

Annie was always an active person but was often trying to stay fit for the wrong reasons. Once she started working with Lillian, she began to reframe her relationship with her body. By understanding that to feel whole, she began caring for herself with more intention and love.


From Worry Wart to Letting Go

Christine was always anxious and worried about doing the right thing. After she started working with Lillian she nows feels free from anxiety, worry, and trying to control things so tightly. As she was able to open her mind, she embraced the community which she feels really helped her make it to the next level on her path to growth.


From overthinking to taking on the scary things

Shelter-in-place left Vicky feeling alone and isolated. After she joined Lillian’s Breakthrough program, she lost 20 pounds and received a promotion at work. She also learned to stop overthinking and always caring what people thought of her. She no longer avoids her problems and deals with them head-on. Within the breakthrough, she found a community that genuinely supports her, and she is thriving. 


From people pleaser to setting healthy boundaries

In a short period, Jessica's mother passed away, and she went through a divorce. She was feeling ungrounded and going through a deep self-discovery. Once she joined Lillian's Breakthrough program, she immediately started communicating more effectively, which allowed her to set healthy boundaries at work and in her relationships. It was a huge step because she had always been a people pleaser, catering to others' needs over her own. 

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